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GIPP -FAO - Tunisia

Recirculating system in Boumhel El Bassatine,  Tunis - RAS for weaning of glass eels of Anguilla.

To ensure a rational exploitation and sustainable management of the resource "Anguilla anguilla - european eel" in Tunisia, many measures have been taken by authorities and organizations, including FAO, the Association trade of fish products (GIPP) with the participation of DG, PA INSTM, Inat Bizerte and ISPA.
To ensure the survival of this species, projects have been envisaged the establishment of hatcheries, reserves and recovery areas.

Scubla was responsible for the design and installation Boumhel in the region of Tunis, a recirculating system for the weaning of glass eels collected in estuaries.
During the construction, we have also provided the technical education of National technicians, both for the management of the recirculation plant and biofilter, both for the techniques of weaning and pre-fattening glass eels.
The first production cycle was started at the end of the project. The elvers produced have been released into the inland lakes/reservoirs in order to enhance the local eel population.

The Tunisian-Italian cooperation program is planned for a second hatchery for glass eels and mullets in Tabarka.

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